Is it Possible to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Simultaneously

musclesWell, this is the most suspicious question that many fitness conscious people ask. If you just read the question, it will seem that it is not possible to lose weight and gain muscle because the latter needs calorie deficit, while the former requires surplus calorie. Logically, no two contradicting aspects can remain together, right? So, achieving the two contrasting goals of excess calories and calories deficit at the same time is not possible, which justifies the impossible mission of muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously. Well, it is just not impossible! You can lose weight and gain muscle at the same time.

There’s something to realize for achieving the two contrasting goals simultaneously

What you just read was the surfacing logic that made us to think it is impossible. However, there is an underlying fact that people do not comprehend or unaware of. It is true that one needs adequate amount of calories to gain muscle as well as short supply of calories to burn fat. But the secret is the body fat can help one achieve both simultaneously.

Body fat is nothing but stored calories or energy that the body utilizes when it fails to produce sufficient energy from what you eat. So, if you do not eat those foods that meet the total energy requirements, the body then is forced to attack these stored calories (fat). So it burns fat to gain that muscle via energy. For example, if a person consumes 300 calories less than what is daily required, his body will obtain those 300 calories for building muscle and energizing him by utilizing the stored calories (fat). In this way, the body burns fat and gains muscles for sure!

Focus on the caloric balance

Technically, it is not possible to convert a fat tissue directly into a muscle equivalent. However, the key is to force that stored fat get burned so that it can be used as a fuel for building muscles. This calls for a stringent control on the calorie intake so that the body can utilize the stored fats by itself. So, one must avoid being on a high-carb diet.

Generally, consuming a high-carb meal and triggering the situation of a calorie deficit surely makes you lose weight. However, that also means losing around 50% of muscle weight. This is something that goes against the goal. What is required is a low carb intake for at least three days a week while including proteins and healthy fats so that the body is well motivated to burn the stored fat.

In order to make it possible to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously, it is vital to combine strength and cardiovascular training with the correct diet. However, one has to know what to eat and when to eat. It means that it is vital to switch between a spell of strength training and low caloric meal, and a spell of strength training and high caloric intake.

To obtain the most effective weight loss diet plan for achieving this goal, it is vital to consult a trainer. Moreover, it is also vital to frame realistic goals for realistic results!